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Ehime-Japan iGEM Team: Welcome
 + + E.cold-heat sensor system

= E.colingual !!

→ Our projects

Ehime-Japan team tried three projects, and finally, we aims to create “E.colingual”, a tool through which we can know E.coli feelings. It consists of three parts: Main, Connection, and Screen. To realize our project, we used the light sensor genes from Synechocystis, Lon protease and ssrA tag from Mesoplasma florum. Also, a cell-cell signaling system and the heat shock and cold shock promoters were used so as to construct a foundational system of E.colingual.

・ (Connection)

“” is a communication tool with E.coli and an optical fiber. We would be able to transfer digital information depicted in E.coli through a distance, and probably could send e-mails with this tool.

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・ (Screen)

We tried to reconstruct toppling dominoes with E.coli, and we would be able to draw a movie of firework on LB plate!

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・E.cold-heat sensing system (Main)

Main is comprised of two different kinds of E.coli transformants. One is that feels heat and cold respond differently, producing different signaling molecules. The other catches the signaling molecules and convert the signal into the form of light. As a result, we can see a temperature change around the E.coli. The light signals could be transferred through a distance and be displayed if the Connection and Screen systems work.

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It consists of three parts above. E.colingual, a tool through which we can know E.coli feelings:“hot”,“cold”, “happy” ,or “dying” etc… Also, by an optical fiber, the information of those feelings are transmitted to someone in a distant place from a lab. Actually, we focused on E.coli feelings, “hot” and “cold”.

→ New degradation system

We used two different ssrA tags to make a circulatable communication system. One is from M.florum recognized by the Lon protease from M.florum. The other is E.coli ssrA tag (LVA). Because the sequences of those tags are not similar, the degradation systems function independently.

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→ New parts

We made new BioBrick parts!
・BBa_ : This part is cold shock promoter + lasI.

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