Ehime-Japan iGEM Team: Welcome


Ehime-Japan2012 team is constructed from seven sophomore students and two instructors. The ideas, which are “E.colingual” (Miho), “” (Miwa) and “” (Miho and Miwa) were all proposed by student members. The experiments and human practice were carried out by all the members. Our wiki was designed and made by Mei and Miho. Modeling related to the degradation with Lon-tag was done by Shunsuke. Nice pictures were taken by Hikaru. Dr. Takai and Dr. Hori gave us some advices to our activities.


The Ehime-Japan iGEM activities were in part supported by the "Project-E" student research support program by Ehime University.

We obtained the plasmids, pJT122, pJT118, pJT106b and pCph8 through addgene. We also got the E.coli, JW0429 which is Δlon strain from Keio Collection via National BioResource Project E. coli (NBRP E.coli) of Japan.


・Special thanks to our teachers Dr. Takai and Dr. Hori!! They gave us a lot of supports, and we were able to enjoy iGEM competition.

・Thanks to Dr. Daisuke Kiga (Tokyo Tech). He gave us some advices, and provided us C6AHL,C12AHL and BBa_K649001.
・Thanks to Dr. Jeffrey J. Tabor, who kindly provided us with his JT2 strain.
・Thanks to J. Clark Lagarias, who gently gave us the plasmid, pPLPCB(s).
・Thanks to Robert T. Sauer, who provided us mf.Lon and mf-ssrA.
・Thanks to Dr. Takafumi Miyazaki (Ehime University), who lent a spectroscope and an optical fiber for us. He also provided us some space for human practice during the Open Campus event.
・Thanks to Dr. Hidenori Hayashi (Ehime Univ.) and Dr. Takeshi Katayama (Takasaki Univ. of Health and Welfare), who advised us about human practice.
・Thanks to Dr. Hiroshi Yamashita (Ehime Univ.), who permitted us to use the darkroom.
・Thanks to Dr. Christopher A. Voigt and Dr. Chisato Ushida (Hirosaki Univ.) for kindly providing us some samples.

Our sponsors

Thanks to the all people who helped us ! We really enjoyed iGEM !!