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Modelling - iGEM Bordeaux 2012

iGEM - Bordeaux - Conclusion

So finally we made a simple software taking in consideration all pertinent factors acting on cellular communication. Using algorithms and statistic we tried to stay as close as possible to reality. But, despite all our attention the model doesn't take every little details that are present in the mecanism. For exemple in reality their is a mecanism include an anti sense RNA which goal is to limitate some leak. Instead of that the simulation include the leak in another way.

Unfortunately due to lack of time this software was developed before the genetic manipulations on the bacteria which haven't been finished. So we haven't been able to verify our model and to compare results with reality.


MEINHARDT, Hans «Le livre des coquilles», Pour la science, Dossier, N°44, Juillet - Septembre 2004, p40 - 45.


  • Python
  • Python Imaging Library (PIL) and Animated GIFs