Modelling - iGEM Bordeaux 2012

iGEM - Bordeaux - Results

The results of the modeling software are in two different forms:

  • number display on the shell window
  • pictures stacked into gif files generated
  • The numbers give you information about severals percentage on the genes and ratio of bacteria with activated operon etc.

    The stack is made of picture obtained after each step of time during a simulation. This mean after each bacteria has act on the grid, and before doing the next step (run the algorithms a second time) all the configurations of the grid are saved into a png file revealing the state of each bacteria at the time t depending of their genotype.

    This gif produced permit us to see the propagation of the circle on the grid, on the next figures you can see difference examples of working constructions and some mutated operon and their consequences on the cellular communication.

    All operons work

    Constitutive receptor operon one malfunction.

    Constitutive receptor operon two malfunction.

    Constitutive receptor operon three malfunction.