British Columbia -

Hello, my name is Ruichen Xue!

I love biology and especially animals since I was a kid. I would love to home feed all kinds of animals. Due to home space and economic limitations, my pets are usually limited to inserts, amphibians and reptiles... I had a great childhood with Spiders, Mantises, Crickets... Tadpoles, Crabs, Frogs, and of course my favourite Turtles. During my childhood summers, I can usually be found in the country yards busy capturing my future pets... when I am not busy with the normal loads of Chinese summer homework or swimming. Also, maybe partially due to the love towards animals, I became vegan last year.

I have a variety of interests: swimming, kayaking, Chinese medicine, Chinese chess, travelling, badminton, hiking, reading and more... and since last year, however, I found myself spending the majority of my time investigating 2012 Prophecy, Meditation, and Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. I found them super interesting, and the philosophy behind Buddhism is very deep though can be used as daily life guidance if nothing else.

Thanks for reading. Be peaceful and mindful, and I shall end with the most common blessing phrase in Buddhism: Amitofo!