Team:uOttawa CA/Attributions


Wet lab work

The undergraduates Wilson Lam, Fangshi Lu, Ian Roney, and Zuhair Syed constructed and submitted all BioBrick parts created by the uOttawa Team. Alex Power, a graduate adviser on the team, assisted with project design and characterization of parts made by flow cytometry.
Alex Power and Dan Jedrysiak also developed and tested a new assembly protocol. All parts submitted by the uOttawa Team were constructed using this method by the undergraduates mentioned above.
Our lab technician Mila Tepliakova assisted with day to day lab work and advice.
Our instructor Dr. Mads Kaern supplied the team with all lab related resources and assisted with project design.


All aspects of the project related to artistic design including the poster, wiki, presentation, brochure, and logo were created by the undergraduate students on the team without the contribution of any third parties.


All fundraising activities were performed exclusively by members of the team.

Finances & Administration

The financial and administrative aspects of the project were carried out mainly by the undergraduates Ian Roney and Zuhair Syed.

Human Practices

The undergraduate students Fares Ould-Brahim, John Girgis, Nicholas Huang, Caitlin Johnston, Mohamad Kebbe, Bushra Khan, Wilson Lam, Cory Lefebvre, Fangshi Lu, Bahareh Manesh, Elisabeth Hart McKittrick, Warren Sun, Huy Tran, and Mingyu Xiang produced a documentary entitled "The Nature of Synthetic Biology" for the human practices aspect of the project.


The undergraduates John Girgis, Kyle Hinskens, and Mingyu Xiang were in charge of web design for the wiki.