Achievements USTC-Software

Gold Medal

CheckedHave another team utilize the software developed by your team.

In our presentation, we clearly declared that USTC-China has used our software RegulonLib, and how this software helped them designed their circuits.

CheckedOutline and detail how your project effects Human Practice in Synthetic Biology.

In the safety section on our wiki, we outlined our suggestions on safety issues in the future.

CheckedA team may use SBOL in its software documentation.

In our software, all operon information in the database have been stored in SBOL format. We build the database called RegulonLib that have all the regulation relationships in E. coli K-12, and all these Operons, promoters and genes are represented in SBOL files. We have shown that in our wiki and presentation. These SBOL files are included in every copy of our software that can be downloaded in the repository.

Silver Medal

CheckedProvide a detailed, draft specification for the next version of your software tool

For our software on The Registry of Software Tools, we provide detailed Future Work section for next version of the software, which is available via our Wiki.

CheckedProvide a second, distinct (yet complementary) software tools project.

As said above, we made a second, distinct software called RegulonLib in the Registry of Software Tools, check out our Wiki page for more information about RegulonLib.

CheckedProvide a demonstration of their software either as a textual or video tutorial made available on their wiki.

Visit Example Page for tutorial and demonstrations. We provide User Manual link available on the bottom of software wiki page, which contains very detailed instruction for how to use our software. In addition, in the repository of our software, we also provide instruction on all to compile and use our software.

Bronze Medal

CheckedRegister the team, have a great summer, and have fun attending the Jamboree.

It can be seen in Team Information page that we have successfully registered.

CheckedCreate and share a description of the team's project via the iGEM wiki.

This can be seen in the project page of our wiki.

CheckedPresent a Poster and Talk at the iGEM Jamboree.

Download our Asia Jamboree presentation and poster.

CheckedDevelop and make available via the The Registry of Software Tools an open source software tool that supports synthetic biology based on BioBrick standard biological parts.

This year we made not one but two open source software tools in The Registry of Software Tools, including an all-in-one reverse engineering tool called REBORN and a Clotho App that finds all regulation relationships in E. coli K-12 called RegulonLib.