Improvements and testing of existing biobricks

BBa_K283030 and BBa_I712074

We have placed an T7 promoter BBa_I712074 upstream of the RBS-cheZ BBa_K283030 system making it a functional biobrick for inducible expression in an E. coli host harboring the lambda DE3 lysogen. We have tested this biobrick for functionality and confirmed that it works as expected.


Based on the data displayed here, we have determined the conditions in which bacteria display the most tumbling. Tumbling is a chemotactic response to environmental conditions that signifies a positive bacterial response. At a salt concentration of 0.5 M, an average of ~10% of bacteria were consistently tumbling. There is a clear bell-curve trend of induced tumbling in E. coli that contain the BBa_K398108 salt resistance with optimal conditions at 0.5M NaCl.

This is a congruent with the data found by the TU Delft iGEM 2010 team. A peak growth rate can be observed at 0.5 M NaCl, signifying positive cellular conditions. Our data also suggests optimal NaCl/environmental conditions at this concentration.