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Saving the World, one statue at a time

Our Project was selected among the Best 16 of the World Championship!

Our project had been awarded with a Gold Medal in Amsterdam and was among the "Sweet 16 High Scorers" in Boston! We're really proud and excited about it!

Project Codename: Crust Away

Statues and monuments all over the world are not enjoyed to the extent that they should be because they are covered in a disfiguring black crust, which consists mainly of CaSO4.
A practical solution would be if a cheap mechanism was available to continually remove the pollutant molecules that adhere to the surface of statues. To build such a system, we are engineering an aerobic sulfur reducing pathway in E. coli to dissolve the disfiguring black crust.

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Project Codename: Terminator 5

Surprisingly little standardization of T7 phage derived parts has occurred, despite the prevalence of T7 parts in recombinant technologies. Also, the compatibility between T7 and E. coli derived parts has not been explored. To better understand the compatibility of the two systems and to begin to better characterize T7 biological parts, we are measuring the termination efficiencies of T7 and E. coli transcriptional terminators with E. coli and T7 RNA polymerases.

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