This page gives credit to all work and the people involved.

Project idea

The project idea - to detect and/or degrade steroids - was proposed by the student team after lenghty meetings.

System design

The overall design (including selection of vectors, promoters and genes) was conducted in close cooperation with Prof. Jansen. Primer design was performed with students and Dr. Apel. At all times students were present. Each step was explained to all students so everyone has knowledge of the entire process.

Lab supplies

LB medium was initially prepared by the student team to learn the protocol. Later on, LB was provided by the host lab. SOB and TAE buffer were always prepared by the students. Agar plates were produced by the students with exception of the first batch which was provided by the host lab.

Lab hardware

All lab hardware was operated by the students. Thermocycler programs were initially set up with advise.


Sequencing was performed by an external provider. All sequencing results were evaluated by the students. In some cases, secquencing primers were created in collaboration with advisors.

Lab work

Lab work was conducted by the students. Advisors or host lab personnel did not perform any experiments. Their involvement was advise and consultion only.