The promotion of synthetic biology to the greater public is crucial to the field's expansion and future. We committed ourselves to quality Community Outreach not only because we enjoy it, but also because we feel that it is important to share synthetic biology with others and paint an image of science that evokes curiosity, excites minds, and most importantly, is fun! The nature of iGEM certainly serves as a great platform for our Outreach work, and we are excited to have this opportunity to share our experiences with you.

Between the upcoming collaboration with the California Academy of Sciences, all-too-excitedly showing off our work to others, presentations at two Maker Faires on opposite coasts, being featured in WIRED magazine, hosting a Transit of Venus showing, and spreading the word of iGEM and bringing the community together through iGEM memes, we made Outreach a priority and had a great time with it!

Enjoy the accounts of our events that we have prepared for you; we hope they offer a glimpse into the great time we had sharing synthetic biology with the greater community and the excitement it brought to others.

Peace, Love and Pipettes!

The lab after sharing our work with extraterrestrial geology expert, Jim Head