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  • Zoe Ashwood

    Physicist/ Mathematician aroused by the fact that linear algebra extends to biology.

    Frequently engages in ceilidh dancing, sibling embarrassment and muddy walks. Less frequently: surfing, skiing and hill starts due to previous experiences.

  • Josi Buerger

    Increase your confusion about life+make yourself unpopular with tutors by asking questions about truth-preserving #Biochemistry&Philosophy

    Keeping up with uni work, a social life, sleep - you may have 2. What is this things you call sleep? #caffeine #saxophone #runningbarefoot

  • Antti Korpimäki

    I'm a 3rd year computer scientist interested in P2P networks.⠠⠵ I live for connections and feel happiest where sciences overlap.

    I speak three languages fluently, use Arch Linux and make and play videogames. Favourite anime episode: SHnY 9 [Kyon order] "Someday In The Rain".

  • Michael Lockhart

    Fourth year of five Medicinal Chemist

    I am interested in all aspects of science with chemistry as my main focus. I enjoy being part of iGEM as it brings disciplines together.

    I enjoy rowing, cycling and playing rugby. I’m also a keen runner and I’m attempting to participate in races over the summer and next year.

  • Mindaugas Paužuolis

    I am a first year biochemist with wide range of interests in science, especially in biochemistry and genetics. But most of all he is thrilled about terra nova of biology – synthetic biology.

    Sometimes I try to combine biochemical reactions with salsa and cha cha rhythms. Motto of my life - experience something new every day.

  • Veronica Rezelj

    4th year. Biochemistry. I am passionate about viruses and fascinated by the fact that cellular nano-scale machinery resemble machines we have engineered in a much bigger scale for use in our everyday life. I enjoy discussing ethical implications of science, spending time with friends, cooking, and traveling in my free time.

  • Aleksejs Sazonovs

    I am a second year Computer Science student, who likes applying his skills in other scientific fields. I am especially interested in Big Data and Computer Vision. I enjoy travelling and my personal goal is to visit all the continents in the next decade. I like old movies and music.

  • Hannah Taylor

    3rd Yr Evolutionary Biology. Into genetics, development and evolution; Forward thinking, exciting and lots of potential.

    I like running, reading, rugby, hockey, swimming, eating and sleeping. I also like dogs and orange, mountains and skiing.

  • Yiwang Xu

    I’m a second year medic at St Andrews. I enjoy chemistry and biology in my first year and now the medical course. I wish that iGEM brings me more “flavour” of biology and the fun of multidisciplinary teamwork!

    By the way, I love music a lot and play alto saxophone myself.


  • Terry Smith

    Reader in the Schools of Biology and Chemistry, my research utilises a wide range of disciplines to genetically and chemically validate drug targets involved in lipid metabolism of protozoan parasites that cause neglected Third world diseases, such African sleeping sickness.

  • Chris Hooley

    I am a Lecturer in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, working on what happens to many interacting quantum particles when they get cold. "In my spare time I'm interested in pretty much anything that can be eaten, drunk, read, listened to, looked at, talked to, or visited.

  • John Mitchell

    Reader in the School of Chemistry, interested in anything computational and related to molecules. Interests range from bioinformatics to theoretical chemistry, such as computing protein-ligand binding, pharmaceutical solubilities, side-effects and toxicities.

  • Silvia Paracchini

    Royal Society URF based at the School of Medicine. Neurogeneticist interested in the molecular underpinnings of neurodevelopmental disorders and human cognition.

    Cant wait to see Italy (winning) in Murrayfield this year. Traveling is never too much.

  • Katharine Preedy

    Would be climber, modeller - ecological/epidemiological, maths/stats - research and support, flautist, geek and general over-enthusiast.


  • C David Owen

    First year structural biology Ph.D.

    I am interested in bacteria to bacteria communication. Once the signal synthesis and detection is understood, we can hijack the system and control their behaviour.

    Don't do much else.

  • Michał Barski

    First year PhD student in structural biology of viruses

    I'm based in the protein NMR lab. The main focus of my work is deciphering the structural mechanism of innate immune response inhibition by some viruses. When not in the lab, I'm a keen mountain hiker and a film geek.


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