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Bidirectional Promoters Overview

Bidirectional Promoters

Scientists are frequently confounded by wayward promoters; that is, promoters which do not produce the expected proteins. Some bidirectional promoters are known to exist, but which way they promote and the degree of expression has not been quantified. This project will test the directionality of several BioBrick promoters to answer these questions.

Bidirectional Promoters

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Palindromic Promoter Circuits

The graph above represents the relative fluorescence measured in a TECANM1000 instrument of several constructs containing various promoter inserts. The reporters indicate the directionality of each promoter sequence measured in the construct. The single biobrick ligated into the construct shows almost complete preference for the forward direction, while three palindromic sequences designed and ligated in the construct demonstrate varying amounts of bidirectionality within the DH10B E.coli cell. Bidirectional promoters are possible within the cell, and those designing promoters should be beware of palindromic sequences in their design and their potential effects on the initiation of protein within the cell.

Further Application

Further characterization of both biobrick promoters and palindromic sequences will yield more information of the prevalence of bidirectionality in promoters. To view the sequences we plan to test in this construct, please visit our parts page.