Questionnaire in our survey

We conducted a wide survey targeted at the general public, with respondents ranging from high school students to working citizens, in collaboration with the Kyoto Institute of Technology KIT-Kyoto and Ehime-Japan. The survey had two objectives. The first was to find how Japanese people feel or think about synthetic biology and its associated issues such as bioethics and safety. The second was to capture the public perception of radiation in Japan. We surveyed people who came not only from biological backgrounds but also from various other fields of study. We also obtained feedback from visitors to our universities' open campus events. In addition, we made an online version of our questionnaire to survey even more people from various walks of life.

Attributions & Acknowledgements

We take pride in the fact that all experimental work - part design, construction and testing - were done by ourselves, without relying on outside help. However, directly or indirectly our project has benefited from help from the following parties: