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 Introduction to the project

Nowadays, environmental pollution and energy depletion have become crucial problems. We need to find alternative energy to replace the running out fossil fuel. Due to the pollution issues, this alternative energy should be environmental friendly. Up until now, ethanol is the most common biomass fuel because the final product is harmless water. However, ethanol will corrode metallic surface of the engines lead to higher cost than fossil fuel usage. Unlike ethanol, isobutanol do not corrode metal and contain higher ratio of the heat of combustion than ethanol. Besides, as well as ethanol, isobutanol doesn’t produce pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and nitric dioxide. Isobutanol has widely utilized in many applications as a organic solvent, and antifreeze. As what we want, to get clean energy, we chose isobutanol to be our project. We believe that isobutanol is a potential eco fuel in the future. However, currently isobutanol production wasn't very promising. According to the previous studies, the low yield of isobutanol was caused by the toxicity of isobutanol which would kill the host E.coli . In this study, we introduced two innovative and brilliant solutions to solve this serious problem. Now, let’s take a deeper look in our new ideas!