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Full name: Leung Wai Tak
Programme of study: Cell and Molecular Biology
Contributions: Biobricks design, Molecular Cloning, Human Practices, Biobricks Characterization, Wiki content

Hey, this  is Ricky =]  I am a year two undergraduate student studying in CUHK. Having fun is my hobby,  I am so glad to be in IGEM that offers me so much fun, oportunities and experiences. The best part of IGEM is that  we, undergraduate students are able to make our own decisions to develop the whole project and share it with teams from around the world.



Full name: Choi Yiu Ting Angus
Programme of Study: BSc Biochemistry
Contributions:  Lab work, Fundraising, Human Practice

Hello everyone, I’m Angus Choi, a second year student studying Biochemistry.  I love to sing (and I do sing a lot), play soccer and do street photography, though they have nothing to do with research directly, but they are my good ways to spend on when I have free time.
To me, iGEM offers a great opportunity to me for learning different things like seeking sponsorships, learning lab skills and cooperating with people. I hope that our team can come up with great success this year.  Good luck!




Full name: Feng Kaiyin
Programme of study: Biomedical Engineering
Contributions: Molecular cloning, Logbook input, Biobrick characterization

Hi, I’m Karin, a year 2 student in CUHK, and I come from Nanjing in mainland China. It may be strange that as I am from Engineering Faculty, I enjoy all the wet lab work in iGEM, and love the experience of learning new knowledge of Synthetic Biology, which I had totally no idea before. I will never forget the crazy feeling of stepping out of lab at midnight, looking up at the stars and hoping they were clones in the agar plate… Joining igem is a great process of enjoying consistent failure and learning how to stick to the will. I really treasure this summer with all the unexpected encounters in igem, the failures give me strength, and the gains make me grateful.



Full name: Nim Yap Shing
Programme of Study: Biochemistry
Contributions: Biobrick design, Molecular Cloning, Biobrick Characterization, Poster content

iGEM is the most large-scale and best competition that I have ever participated in. It gives me much freedom to do research-like study in undergraduate level and a chance to glimpse into scientific research.  I am glad that I have tried many wet-lab technique as well as other useful skills even though I was quite frustrated when I have no idea of what to do next, and bored when I repeat the same procedures again and again. I am so regretful that I did not pay attention to the lectures in the past year and I have to revise the notes before starting my project!



Full Name: Vallery Mortel Fabilla
Programme of Study: Biochemistry
Contributions: Secretary, Human Practices, Supportive Lab Work

Hi, I'm Vallery, a Filipino native raised in Hong Kong with an affinity for science and hands-on laboratory work. I am an avid reader, guitarist and squash player during my leisure time. A passionate and willing team player who contributes her efforts to the best of her capabilities.Through iGEM I have explored and experienced my field of study outside of textbooks and realized the potential benefits of Synthetic Biology. It has been an honour to join this year's iGEM Competition. With it brought challenges, knowledge and friendship.



Full Name: Yau Wing Ki
Programme of Study: Biochemistry

Contributions: Financial Secretary, Fundraising, Supportive Lab Work, Human Practices

Hello. I’m Jennifer, studying Biochemistry. Love life! Love thinking! The process of analysing and figuring out the mechanism of different biological processes are fanscinating to me. What's more is that we can make use of our own knowledge to make some difference of our world. That comes to the reason for me to love science join the iGEM. I enjoy the time spending in the lab in this summer with all my teammates. That's unique and unforgettable. Last but not the least, all the best for our team and I look forward meeting every one of you, who share same interest with us, in the coming Jamboree.



Full name: Ho Ka Him
Programme of study: Medicine

Contributions: Supportive Lab Work

Hi there! I will be a year one student of Medicine of CUHK. For me, IGEM is not just a competition, it is a valuable chance to train up one's perservence and to meet other undergraduates of various backgrounds to strive for the same goal. To use one word to describe IGEM, probably it would be "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".



Full name: Jian Guang Hao
Programme of study: Biochemistry
Contributions: Focus on Lab Work, Human Practice

I am a year 2 Franklinstein who loves problem solving and exciting stuffs. Other than boring lab work, I love travelling and all-kinds of sports too. The greatest experience in iGEM is to experience the life of being a scientist, which is consistent failure. Though we considered closing files a dozen times, there are always small hopes to urge us to continue. And then, we fail again. This looped process surprisingly made me to grow to a more responsible and mature person who can resist failure. On the other hand, iGEM is a great place to work with other Franklinsteins for half a year and we indeed made some fire.



Full Name: Pearl Tu
Programme of Study: Food and Nutritional Science
Contributions: Wet Lab, Human Practice Leader

Hello, my name is Pearl, and I am from Taiwan. I am a full-time student majoring in Food and Nutritional Science at CUHK. After staying in the lab for most of this summer, I am sure that iGEM definitely help me to master some laboratory skills. And personally, it gave me the chance to stay abroad for the entire summer when I have sufficient time to travel Hong Kong and know about its culture. Also because of iGEM, I am able to make some local friends and earn the experience of working with people of different backgrounds. Thinking of how iGEM has fully occupied my summer and turned it unconventional, I am glad to be part of this competition. 



Full Name: Ngan Tsoi Ling
Programme of study: Biochemistry
Contribution: Wet Lab and Human Practice

Hey! I am Tabitha, for short, you can call me Tabi. Beside the lab work, I love playing piano and I enjoy singing very much. I have a lot of hobbies, such as painting, dancing. I love Biochemistry and I really enjoy the lab work as I think it is very exciting when you witness the result and it is a huge achievement for me.



Full Name: Li Wing Man
Programme of study: Biomedical Engineering
Contribution: Wiki Design and Coding

Hi! I'm a Year 2 Biomedical Engineering student. Before joining this competition, I have no idea how powerful synthetic biology could be. Now I'm really glad that I have joined this and that I have cooperated with students of different streams, like the Electronic Engineering students and the Life Sciences students. In this competition, they mean a lot to me as they have taught me a lot of things. Of course I have taught myself a lot of things too, like coding and stuff. They will all be very useful to me in the future. And I hope to learn more and more from it in the coming years!



Full Name: Chau Chak Ching
Programme of study: Electronic Engineering
Contribution: Modelling, Supportive Lab Work

Hi ! My name is Vincent. I am a year 2 student studying electronic engineering. At the beginning, I only knew little about bacteria, but now I learn lots of thing about synthetic biology and E. coli ! I gain some experience in doing wet-lab and knowledge beyond my major - electronic engineering. It's glad that people from engineering can also join the competition and work with other teammates from different majors. Modeling is tough, but when you see the equations works and the model fits the experimental results, it's really fulfilling.



Full Name: KUNG, Chun Hong
Programme of study: Bsc Cell and Molecular Biology
Contribution: Wet Lab

I'm now studying year 2 majoring in Cell and Molecular biology. I join the iGEM team because it tries to make good use of science to create something new and useful, which I can gain extra knowledge apart from the lectures. Various excellent ideas from the precious iGEM teams inspire me a lot and I'm really impressed by their creativity. More importantly, what I've learnt in the laboratory granted me deeper understanding in the related field, and the attempts in constructing a biobrick made me realize the fact that it is one thing to throw out an idea, but it is quite another to make it happen. I really learnt a lot from it.



Full name: Tsoi Wai Leung
Programme of Study: BSc Biochemistry
Contributions: Graphic design, Poster design, Human Practice

Hello!I am Tommy.Current Year 2 student major in Biochemistry. Participating in iGEM allows me to put the theories I learnt in university into practice, into something that can really contribute to our daily life and experience the real life of a scientist. I admire the spirit of iGEM, start from tiny biobricks and take this forward to modified or create organism that can grow, repair and replicate so that we can obtain what we think. Little creations may lead to the appearance of superhero. That is also my dream.



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