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Cancel the Cancer: A SynBio Approach to the Early Diagnosis of Cancer

Our project is mainly based on the early diagnosis of cancer. EpCAM (Epithelial cell adhesion molecule) is a pan-epithelial differentiation antigen overexpressed on the basolateral surface of most carcinomas and Circulating Tumor Cells(CTC); cells which are released into blood in early phases of cancer. Our objective is to fix appropriate antibodies for EpCAM antigens to the E.coli cell wall so that we will be able to detect CTCs before the cancer precipitates its way to metastasis. For the next step, we plan to enhance the detection signal in our bacteria by the means of the quorum sensing mechanism. Finally, to prevent the production of possible undesirable and detrimental genetically modified organisms (GMOs), we aim to induce self-destruction device in our E.coli via emission of light.
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