All experimental work was performed by team members except for the following:

  • The cscA gene was originally obtained by Chris French's lab from Escherichia coli O157:H7 strain Sakai

  • We were assisted in the cloning of cymA, napC and ccm as well as the transfer of the ccm part from pSB1C3 to pSC4K5 vector by our advisers (Dr. David Radford and Eugene Fletcher) and supervisor(Dr. Chris French)

  • Mutagenesis of the mtrA part (obtained by the team members) was performed by Dr. Chris French (using primers designed by the team members)

  • The Citrobacter freundii genomes were sequenced by Prof. Anil Wipat and Dr. Wendy Smith at Newcastle University. Genome sequencing was done by Dr. Smith while genome assembly was done by Prof. Anil Wipat together with two team members. Genome annotation was done automatically by RAST and data extraction from this annotation was done by the team.

  • We would like to thank all the people who guided us through this tough but rewarding summer:

    Dr. Chris French for his support in every step, for teaching us that there are shortcuts in science, for all the work on getting the biobricks right and for so many other things!

    Eugene Fletcher for all the help in the lab and for being our sequencing guru,

    Dr. David Radford for showing us the lawful evil way of doing experiments!

    Dr. Jane Calvert for being an amazing guide in the world of human practices, for being there for us every week, for the enthusiasm and for liking our (sometimes not so good) ideas,

    Dr. Pablo Schyfter for teaching us that you should look at everything from all possible angles, for contradicting Jane and for teaching us to always ask 'Where is the Why?',

    Dr. Louise Horsfall for her very inspiring views on the relationship between the public and science,

    Dr. Claire Marris for giving us food for thought on regulations and legislation,

    John Wilson-Kanamori and Donal Stewart for their help in trying to make some sense of our models,

    Donal Stewart for the nice java tool that helped us visualise the model.

    John Innes for his interesting views on life, the universe and everything and for the stimulating conversations,

    Dr. Wendy Smith for showing us around the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology and walking us through every step that leads from raw DNA to getting its genome sequence

    Prof. Anil Wipat for showing us what to do with said sequence

    Dr. Bruce Ward and Matthew Knighton for their help with the fuel cells and for lending us their lab equipment.

    Dr. Chris Mowat for his help with haem staining protocol and general advice on work with S. oneidensis