Team:Costa Rica-TEC-UNA/Attributions



The design of all the biobricks and the gene systems for the production of the enzymes both for E.coli and R. opacus were developed by the under-graduated team members. Also, the laboratory work of culture of the bacteria, making competent cells, transformations, mini –preps, digestions, between others were done by the team. Our main advisor, MSc. Alejandro Hernández looked over the gene system designed and made some suggestions and corrections on them. Additionally he provided great part of the reagents and laboratory instruments used for the lab work.

The MSc. Geaovanny Garro; another team advisor, helped us in the development and presentation of the student project made by three members of the team, to present in the university for funding of genes synthesis. The PhD. Miguel Rojas, our last advisor helped us with the organization in the Bio-Entrepreneurship Forum and with this participation of the group; we got to be in the finals for the contest “Yo Emprendedor”.

The molecular laboratory in the Center of Investigation in Biotechnology (CIB), of the Faculty of Biology in the Costa Rican Institute of Technology (ITCR) was our main host for all the laboratory labors. Most of the equipment for the processes; like the thermocycler PCRs, electrophoresis chambers, laminar flow chambers, shakers, between others, were borrowed from this laboratory and the teaching laboratory of faculty. Besides, some of the strains of the bacteria E. coli, the pGLO genes with other reagents were given by the molecular biology teaching laboratory of the faculty. The other strains and reagents were either purchased with money given by the university with funs of the VIESA (Vicerrectoría de Vida Estudiantil y Servicios Académicos), with the money gained in the participation of the Business Idea Fair or given by the laboratory Center of Investigation and Microbiological and Chemical Services (CEQIATEC) with the collaboration of the MSc. Fabiola Jiménez.