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First, wikitext is what you call the stuff that you type into the box when editing a page. It gets processed into text, layout, images, and so on when the page is viewed.

The most basic system for organizing information on a wiki page is the section. The headers above are themselves sections. In order to make a section, you simply write the title of the section, then surround it by a certain number of equals signs. Below are some sections of different levels, and to the right is how they would appear in the table of contents.


Section 1

Subsection 1A

Subsubsection 1Ai

Subsection 1B

Subsubsection 1Bi

Section 2

Subsection 2A

And here's how it would look when you write it in wikitext:

==Section 1==
===Subsection 1A===
====Subsubsection 1Ai====
===Subsection 1B===
====Subsubsection 1Bi====
==Section 2==
===Subsection 2A===

Now, continue to the rest of the tutorial.