Interdisciplinary work

In order to elaborate our scientific product into different fields we have worked with external members who has provided us with a unique perspective of our project and made interdisciplinary work possible.

Lea Gregers studies Philosophy and has written a discussion about the concerns regarding use of genetically modified organisms and the problems that might be associated with an open source system. Read more.

Charlotte Varslev-Pedersen and Caroline Sofie Have from Design & Innovation and Creative Communication respectively, have worked on a product based perspective of our project. They have come up with some interesting ideas for the use of our bioluminescent bacteria as a light source. Read more.

Thomas Holst-Hansen studies Physics and has made mathematical models of the light production that would be expected from our bacteria. Read more.

Collaboration with other iGEM teams:
During our project we have collaborated with the iGEM Valencia 2012 and iGEM UC Chile 2012. This has mainly been Skype meetings to discuss our problems, progress and ideas. We have also participated in the “Scandinavian meet-up” where several Scandinavian teams got together for a weekend in Uppsala to exchange experiences.

In order to confront prejudges about work in the scientific world we have made a movie to put modern science in a more realistic light. This will be featured at our wiki page and help future students to see science as a more social and accessible field of study. To inform students and other in the field about the iGEM competition, we have written an article for a magazine at the Faculty of Science and furthermore we have been interviewed at the Faculty of Life Sciences. As such we have made the iGEM competition more known at the University of Copenhagen and hope to gather a new iGEM Copenhagen team 2013.

iGEM Scandinavia’s song

As previously mentioned we went for a Scandinavian meet-up in Uppsala and together we decided to write a song using some of our thoughts concerning iGEM. Enjoy!

Melody: I’m a Barbie girl (Aqua)

We’re the iGEM team
from the Scandinavia
We are vikings
So exciting
We run PCR
Assemble without scars
Life is our creation

Cooperation, education…

We are blond, except one
In the lab having fun
Adding this
Adding that

We can clone, we can plate
If they grow, we’ve reached the goal

Ooh wowoo

Oh it has been so much fun
Well iGEM we’re just getting started
Oh I love you lab!

What we really do