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The following people form The Cooper Union lab group, advised by David Orbach:

  • Ciera Lowe
  • Yuta Makita
  • Nicholas Mannarino
  • Joseph Mercado
  • Steven Neuhaus
  • Kirsten Nicassio
  • Saimon Sharif
  • Jefferey Xu

The following people form the Columbia University lab group, advised by Scott A. Banta:

  • Marjana Chowdhury
  • Sara Chuang
  • Anna Mai
  • Aakash Mansukhani
  • Udochukwu (Ud) Okorafor
  • Vincent Xu

High school students:

  • Richard Shi

Each team must clearly attribute work done by the team on this page. They must distinguish work done by the team from work done by others, including the host labs, advisors, instructors, graduate students, and postgraduate masters students.