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So many people graciously helped us over the course of this project and we would like to use this page to credit those individuals. These individuals were not reimbursed for their efforts, but were driven to help us out of their passion for scientific research and educational growth. First and foremost we would like to thank Lucas Argueso for his tireless effort to make our project go as smoothly as possible. Dr. Argueso was always there to answer our yeast related questions and otherwise. He never once complained no matter how often we were in his lab, how many times we emailed him, or how many times we dropped by his office to ask a "quick" question. Dr. Argueso, we cannot thank you enough for your input and wisdom on our project and we know we could not have made it this far without you.

The next person we would like to thank is Dr. Brian Geiss. Dr. Geiss was incredibly helpful with so many aspects of our project, including assay design, running gels, lab equipment use, and overall project direction. Dr. Geiss had answers to questions we hadn't asked yet and they never came too soon. He generously allowed us to use various components of his lab, even when he was out of town. He was patient in explaining various assays and procedures, and even suggested several methods for collecting and analyzing data. Dr. Geiss' guidance and expertise are a major contribution to this project that will not soon be forgotten.

A host of other people contributed to this project in one way or another. Whether it was through a donation of lab supplies or a sit down meeting with an expert in our desired field, all of these people made a difference in our success, even if they did not realize it. We would like to thank Dr. Jessica Prenni, ... (ADD NAMES HERE)

If we did not include your name, it is not because we did not value your input or contribution, it is because we have so many people to thank we have trouble keeping them all straight!