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Legislative aspect: implications for scientific research in Colombia

In the legislative aspect, our goal will be to create spaces where opinions and ideas are exposed in order to promote discussion and contribute to the continuous search of solutions to the problematic related with scientific investigation within the legal frame in Colombia.

Forum Problems in Biodiversity and Biotechnology Investigation in Colombia: Obtaining Research Permits, Contracts for Access to Genetic Resources and Biological Collections

In the scenario of International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition, the iGEM-Colombia team has proposed, as human practices activities, to carry out a high level forum which encourages the discussion and proposition of solutions to current problems that afflict the scientific community in our country. The issues to treat in the forum are the related to the legal framework relevant to scientific research in the both the biodiversity and biotechnological development; more specifically the obtaining research permits, contracts for access to genetic resources and biological collections.

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