Human practices

Our human practices focused in two projects.

1.- Synthetic Biology workshop at the university: With the help of our advisors and many teachers from the School of Science at the university we open a course for advanced undergrad students from different disciplines as biology, mathematics, physics and computer science to form a diverse group of work and discussion for future projects. This course has curricular value and taking in mind that iGEM competition is all about learning and teaching its important to us to help future students in their thesis projects and be a link between natural and mathematical sciences. Our work group gather more than 20 undergrad students and more than 6 professors with the next philosophy. “We all come to learn, master or student”.

2.- Environmental and biosefty diffusion talks. Environmental problem is something that needs to be address from different disciplines and synthetic biology is not an exception. Mass media provides a platform for a broad audience communication. We develop a short video showing or project and the basics of synthetic biology, this video was transmitted in national television, and some of us participate in forums about sustainability and education, where we discussed some of the roles that synthetic biology has to play in environmental and education, pointing out the biosafety issues concerning the use of GMO in biosensing and possible bioremediation of highly polluted areas.