Team:Cambridge/Special thanks


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The Cambridge iGEM Team would like to offer our most heartfelt thanks to the following people- without them none of this would have been possible.


Haseloff Lab, University of Cambridge

  • James Brown
  • Fernan Federici
  • Paul Grant
  • PJ Steiner

Ajioka Lab, University of Cambridge

  • Orr Yarkoni

Breaker Lab, Yale University

Prof. Ronald Breaker's lab at Yale has kindly provided us with the fluoride riboswitch DNA, transformed cells, and valuable advice.

  • Prof. Ronald Breaker
  • Keith Corbino
  • Narasimhan Sudarsan

Department of Molecular, Microbial and Sttructural Biology, University of connecticut Health Center

Prof. Setlow's lab provided us with the sequences and strains necessary to complete the Fast Germination BioBrick work.

  • Prof. Peter Setlow
  • Dr. Barbara Setlow