Overall Project

Our overall project is do degrade things like lignin and alginate and generate biofuel. Our notebook is organized by project. Below we summarize each project.

Degradation Project and Strategy

Degradation summary: we degrade things.

[Degradation Notebook]

Proteorhodopsin Project and Strategy

The production pathways we plan to introduce in E. coli require NADH for the reactions; however, E. coli require NADH to donate protons and generate the proton-motive force that drives its ATP synthase to produce ATP. E. coli uses NADH dehydrogenase to convert NADH to NAD+ and expel the proton outside of the cell membrane. We plan to make the production pathways by reducing the bacteria's inherent need for NADH in two ways: 1. Lambda Red removal of Nuo, an NADH dehydrogenase found in E. coli; 2. introduction of proteorhodopsin, a light-powered proton pump, into E. coli to replace the electron transport chain.

When testing the effects of proteorhodopsin in E. coli with the proteorhodopsin gene added and nothing removed, we realize that E. coli will not make use of proteorhodopsin under normal conditions, since the electron transport chain is more optimal for ATP production. Thus, we must grow E. coli under stressful conditions to induce it to [].

[Proteorhodopsin Notebook]

Biofuel Project and Strategy

Summary of biofuel project.

[Biofuel Notebook]

Coliroid Project and Strategy

Summary of biofuel project.

[Coliroid Notebook]

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