Potential Project Ideas

Our Donation to Future iGEM Teams

  • Hangover-less Beer
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector in Paint
  • Limiting Methane Production in Cows with Omega-3
  • Bacterial Antibody Production
  • Fire Retardant Bacteria
  • Suppresses Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Bacteria that Kill Termites
  • Increase crop efficiency by making bacteria capable of nitrification
  • Put a Carboxysome in Bacteria
  • Make a tobacco plant that produces ethanol, THC, and strobes bioluminescence aka The Party Plant
  • Matrix secreting bacteria that helps heal cartilage
  • Rapid Typhoid Detection
  • Prevent Sepsis
  • Bacteria that attack Malaria
  • Bacteria optimized to strangle dolphins
  • Biofiltration of Heavy Metals in Water
  • Bio-textiles

We evaluated our best ideas based on their feasibility and "coolness" and plotted the results. It was a great way to narrow down our ideas!