+ What is BUGS

Brick & Unique minimal Genome Software

We have developed two distinct software tools.

The first tool is Brick Designer. With this, users can design new bio-bricks. It is also able to synthesize bio-bricks by using the bricks whitch are registered in partsregistry. Users can also utilize bricks he just designed. We tried to enhance software potability by enabling the designed bricks to save as Genbank and SBOL format. Brick also can be saved as picture file so that it is helpful in the Wiki implementation.

Second tool, Minimal Genome Designer is functionally divided into two program, Designer and Viewer. The Viewer shows a lot of information of genomes and genes. For example, Location of essential genes and the function of genes. It also provides information of genomes in both linear and circular form. Using this, it will be easier for users to understand the characteristic of genomes. By the designer, user can design minimal genomes by essential genes which are predicted by our team in this year. It shows the information of essential genes that can exist in eash section like frequency of location on 82 species, function and etc. When it is done to design minimal genome, it can be viewed on Viewer.


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Cheongju Chungbuk, South-Korea

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