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Team University of Texas at Austin

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The University of Texas is the flagship public university of the UT system and resides in Austin, Texas. It's a fun place to live and a great place to do science.

Who we are


  • Prof. Jeff Barrick

Grad students:

  • Jared Ellefson
  • Michael Hammerling
  • Erik Quandt


  • Razan Alnahhas
  • Logan Bachman
  • Will Darden
  • Aurko Dasgupta
  • Peter Otoupal
  • Ben Slater



  • Prof. Jeff Barrick - faculty sponsor. A little graphic design for the website and coordinated getting Pseudomonas strain for Caffeinated coli. Found numbers to do calculation of number of guanines in E. coli.
  • Jared Ellefson - Main ZombiE.coli project advisor.
  • Michael Hammerling - Main Spinach-mCherry dual reporter project advisor. Advised students on lab work for ZombiE.coli and Caffeinated coli.
  • Erik Quandt - Main caffeinated coli project advisor.


  • Razan Alnahhas -Constructed and tested pConverter.
  • Logan Bachman - Constructed and tested Spinach and Spinach-mCherry reporters.
  • Will Darden - Performed simulations of ZombiE.coli. Analysis of whole-genome shotgun sequencing of Pseudomonas putida CBB5.
  • Aurko Dasgupta - Human practices, safety officer.
  • Peter Otoupal - Assayed Caffeinated Coli constructs built by Ben. Performed caffeinated beverage and caffeine growth tests for decaffeination operon.
  • Ben Slater - Constructed and tested pReporter and pReporter.permaflipped. Designed website's CSS stylesheet, navbar, and header. Assisted Peter and Erik with Caffeinated coli assays and construction.