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Human Practices!

Sometimes is hard for scientist to get involved in Human Practices, we think is important to solve all those economical, ethical, legal and social issues in order to change the public perception of synthetic biology, so we worked in many activities for human practices.

Education: SynBio Summer Workshop

Every year, the leader of Systems and Synthetic Biology Group, and our main instructor, Agustino Martinez-Antonio organizes a Synthetic Biology Summer Workshop at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV), where undergrad students from all the country take part in the creation, design and development of new synbio projects during the summer. Some members of our team guided the new students in this workshop.

Ownership: Intellectual Property vs. Open Source

We know that Open source is the strategy to reach a global development in Synthetic Biology, but thereĀ“re many questions to answer in this topic. First, we have to decide a strategy to establish a strong Intellectual Property Platform. We asked many experts in IP in Mexico some of these questions

Sharing: iGEM Experience

Maybe the most difficult part in making a new iGEM team is getting started, how do you get the right idea? How do you design the project? How do you work in teams? How do you get money? etc, . Since this is our first iGEM participation, we have had some little troubles that every team can face. We asked for opinions to answer all these questions in a document that can tell future iGEM teams what they should do in order to have success in the iGEM experience.

Collaboration: iGEMMX Meet up!

Twelve Mexican teams have participated in iGEM since 2007, they have had very successful participations, but they have never had an efficient communication. If we are connected, we can make things better. If we want to be competitive as a country in synthetic biology development, we have to collaborate. So, with the objective of improve our connections, improve our projects and establish collaboration agreements, we decided to organize the First iGEM MeetUP in our headquarters in Irapuato.


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