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Travel Information


Detailed travel directions and tourist information can be found in:

Directions to Universidad de Los Andes can be found in the campus website: 


Hotel Information


The hotel selected for the Jamboree is the Hotel Estelar Suites Jones. The Suites Jones Hotel has 92 rooms, 24h room service, high speed Wi-Fi, cable TV and minibar in each room as well as bar and restaurant services. The hotel is placed in the Bogota's G area near main roads in the eastern part of the city. From there city's main landmarks and Universidad de Los Andes, where the jamboree will be taking place, are easily reached.

Detailed information about Suites Jones Hotel can be found at The hotel web page (English) 

Here are some pictures of the Hotel.

Est0.jpg Est2.jpg Est3.jpg Est4.jpg Est5.jpg


Please, read these specifications about hotel reservations


Each participant is responsible for making their own booking. Reservations can be requested via e-mail (, and by phone to the numbers +57(1) 6088080 or 1-855-688-5371 if you're in the US or Canada.

60 percent of all hotel's rooms were pre-blocked and are subject to the following conditions:

Rooms available for Jamboree participants typically allow two people for a cost of 246000 COP plus 10% Tax and 8000 COP hotel insurance fee per night. This fee includes the following:

Unlimited Wi-Fi access
Unlimited use of wet area
Medical coverage

Additional accomodation in a room is available on request. It has a cost of 30000 COP for each additional person. Up to 5 people are allowed to accomodate in one room.

Free transportation from the hotel to different places holding Jamboree events is availiable to you in case you decide to reserve in Hotel Estelar Suites Jones. If you decide to accomodate in another hotel you will need to assume the whole cost of transportation.

On average, a hotel in Bogotá will cost you between 70 and 100 USD (126000 - 180000 COP) per night per person. We encourage you to make your reservations now in the Hotel Estelar Suites Jones so you can take advantage on all the benefits offered.

A special fee applies for all members of a registered team so don't forget to mention your participation in the Jamboree when making your reservation.

Take into account that on September 11th all rooms will be released. Special fees will still apply for Jamboree participants but availability will not be guaranteed hereinafter.

Getting to Bogotá


The main way you can get to Bogotá is via airplane through International Airport El Dorado (IATA BOG). It has connections with main airports in the region, North America and Western Europe. You can move from the airport to hotels/other destinations using safe taxi available at the airport.


For more detailed information about El Dorado check:


Getting around Bogotá


You can get to main places in Bogotá via public transportation. The safest and most recommended way to go is using the bus system Transmilenio which operates around the main avenues in the city and it’s a reliable, fast and cheap (~1 $USD) way to move. For more information about Transmilenio please review: Trip Planner TransMilenio. This is a guide written in Spanish which depicts the map of the Transmilenio routes all around Bogotá and shows the stops and schedules of all services Transmilenio offers.


Another way to move around the city is via urban bus. Although it’s cheaper than Transmilenio it is less recommended because one has to know well the routes covered by the different services and there’s no such information on the internet. Plus it’s not as safe nor as fast as Transmilenio.


Finally, cab service can be faster and more comfortable than any bus service but some safety considerations must be taken into account. We recommend to call a cab operator for a service; Taxis Libres is a good choice, you can reach them through a local telephone line to the numbers listed in their webpage.


Getting to the Universidad de Los Andes


Latin American Jamboree will be taking place at Universidad de Los Andes’ campus. Further details about the exact location of the event within the campus will be made availiable online later.


Public Transportation


Universidad de Los Andes is located in  can be easily reached using Transmilenio. “Las Aguas” station is the nearest station to the campus, you spend 3 minutes from there to the university on foot going through Eje Ambiental which is a walkway that takes you to the university’s main entrances. Arriving in another bus service is also an option, just board any service labeled ‘Germania’ and get off at Calle 19 and Carrera 3. You can also get there by cab following the recommendations stated before.


By Car


Universidad de Los Andes offers parking lot service in the SD building. However there are still many independent parking lots that offer a good service all around the campus. This option should be considered since SD’s lot gets full relatively fast. Please visit Getting Around to get full details and directions on how to get to Universidad de Los Andes.