Previous iGEM teams have charaterised an impressive array of inducible promoters, along with other elements of biosensing circuitry... Read More


As the main crux of this project is a standardised output, we aimed to develop several biosensors, employing different mechanisms, to prove the extended functionality of the final product. To date, most of the biosensors in the registry use an inducible promoter to control expression of their reporter protein. We have used some of these as a proof of the compatability of our kit with a theoretical customers' sensors. However, we also explored another mechanism of biosensing in the form of riboswitches. These have the potential to be the detectors of the future providing a more standard way of designing input circuits and hopefully a faster sensing method as the transciption has already occurred (unlike inducible promoters).

The sensors:

Magnesium Riboswitch

Fluoride Riboswitch