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Human Practice

Meeting with NTU-Taida

National Taiwan University which is the best and most historic college in Taiwan joins the iGEMcompetition first time. Both NTU and NYMU located in Taipei. As a result, this meeting was easily held on June 1st without any difficulty. Besides, some participants were friends or classmates during senior high school.

Unlike the traditional meeting, we, NYMU-Taipei iGEM Team, treated the friends from NTU and made the meeting like party. So, we, NYMU-Taipei team, prepared some drink and delicious food.

NTU-Taida team showed their team-work ability. I was surprised that they have good project-design, perfect bio-circuit and models. I couldn’t believe that NTU-Taida just participated in iGEM this year. Compared to National Taiwan University, National Yang Ming University is just a biomedical school which is lack of departments like economic, politics, electronic, etc. Owing to it, our report might not be more abundant than them. But I thought our team had more creative idea than them. Also, our team presentation was great.

Both NTU and NYMU classmates weren’t afraid of asking questions to the reporters. The members of two iGEM teams shared their interest in Synthetic biology and learning. The questions from classmates let us have more experience and learn more. It is a good activity for iGEMers to devote themselves into. I hope we can have a meetup next time as soon as possible.