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The first week one of our group should choose more than one hundred terminator sequences to be tested. The other group is to learn how to do experiment and design the lab protocol.

Week 1



Paper Group:

1. We learned how to distinguish rho-dependent and rho-independent terminators.

2. We tried to design different terminators from one template so we can simplify the final analysis graph and we can find the relationship between energy and efficiency more clearly.

Lab Group:

1. We tried to make clear of what we need to do if we have got the sequence of the terminator.

2. After we understood the procedure of our experiment, we started to learn how to use these equipments. It was the first time we can touch these precise equipments so we felt excited.


We contacted several companies to compare their DNA sequence prices and decided to make a purchase from Ying Jun with whom we came to an agreement of ¥1.5/bp. We have never negotiated with any company before. It was a really fantastic experience.

Here are our criteria for terminator selection:

1. It is not too long;

2. It does not have anti-loop;

3. It is a forward sequence.

We spared no pains in this effort-checking reference, searching the web, using web software, and getting advices from our advisor. Almost everyone stayed up late today.

Finally we found 12 terminators meet our requirements and made a synthesis of those sequences at the end.


We add the restriction enzyme binding site sequences to terminators to generate a list of sequences, then submit the list to the manufacturer by the deadline.

Today is Friday, so we decided to take a break. We saw a movie together.


Today is Saturday, our team went to the beach together to enjoy the summer holiday.