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1. Function of our Web Tool and PC Software

If the user input his terminator sequence, our program will output the secondary structure of the terminator based on Energy Minimization Rule and the termination efficiency. There is a database we make which includes many efficiency-measured terminators and some basic information of those terminators.

2. Calculation of Terminator Efficiency

We calculate the d score of terminators we got from Biofab.Terminator Library. Then we made a simulation formula of d score and termination efficiency based on the efficiency data in that terminator library and the score we calculated. We made linear fitting and the R^2 is 0.54. The picture below shows the results:

(Figure 1:The x-axis is d score and the y-axis is termination efficiency)

Our lab group did experiments to measured efficiency of some terminators. We chose five of them to see if the prediction of TTEC(the software we created to predict terminator efficiency) works well. The picture below shows the results. The x-axis is the efficiency data of got from our experiments and the y-axis is the efficiency predicted by TTEC. We can see that the slope of linear fitting is closed to 1 and the R^2 is 0.621.

(Figure 2)

We thought the results were good but we would continue to better our prediction in future.

3. Our Database

We built a database of terminators whose efficiency had been measured. Not only terminator efficiency , other information such as the direction, category and structure are also included. Some of the data were from partsregistry and Biofab.Terminator Library. Others were from papers. We read so many papers to find those terminators and some of the information were got through our e-mail with the author.The database will continue to update so it will be more useful for people.