Team:SUSTC-Shenzhen-A/Biosearch Tutorial


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  After loading, it’s the search page.







  Click the ‘Tutorial’ button, you can learn how to use the function this page. Click ‘Okey’ button to exit.















  Click the button in the top right corner, you can choose to add a search keyword.







  After entering, click ‘return’ button to hide the keyboard.















  I am Pan Deng, member of SUSTC-ShenZhen-A iGEM team , friends aways call me Panda. You may have noticed that there are two pandas in this team . Never mind, you are really not browsing the zoo’s webpage.

  Actually at very first, I was working on the iPad version of BioSearch App, but for some reason(maybe I was too lazy.), I have not finished the user interface design. But the database works well, our team drop the Mysql database which we set up before and substitute by Sqlite.



Jingyao Guo



Junqiu Zhang


   Love life, love all the wonderful things in the world

   Love art, but love physics more.

   Love bowknot, always love bowknot.

   Detective story is my favorite.

   I am not gluttonous, I just pretend to be gluttonous.

   I am not lolita, I am Zhang Junqiu.




Qijia Cheng


  Apple developer,perfectionist.




Xin Yang


  I’m a 2nd year undergraduate aiming to major in chemistry at SUSTC. I Have been interested in Synthetic Biology since I joined SUSTC’s iGEM journal club in March. I’m responsible for the database of our iPhone Application together with Zhao Yujun, and write the framework of the most rudimentary interface of our software. Later, I’m called to assist Pan Yidan with our wiki and master parts of human practice work. When I’m not working, I tend to go swimming under the sunshine or to paint in the lounge.




Yidan Pan


  I'm Panda, likely to be the mascot of our team (But the only part of bamboo I eat is bamboo shoot). As a "director" of our support services, loving food and managing to supply a good work environment are my duties and responsibilities. Both biology and biont are my favorite, besides, both sleeping and reading are my interests.

  My main work is editing wiki, and what you see is the fourth edition of our wiki. May you enjoy our work!

ps. There is another Panda in our group!




Yiqi Jiang


  My name is Jiang Yiqi. I enjoy all the things related to biology, want to defeat cancer in the future. The igem game is the first time that I can be so close to the advanced biology. I am so lucky to have the chance to attend this game. The process to do our project, buliding app softwares, is interesting. I learned so much and had a wonderful experienemt. Through this competition, I have a better understanding of synthetic biology. I hope in the future that my dreams come true maybe by the methods of synthetic biology.




Zili Fan


  Love reading, Love traveling

  Love fragrance, Love musicals

  Don’t like sweet things most of the time

  Lolitas are all black inside

  I am not so young so simple

  I am Zili Fan




Yujun Zhao


  I'm Yujun Zhao a member of the team SUSTC-Shenzhen-A and studying in SUSTC. Dealing the problems of database is my main job. Special thanks to Pan Deng for his help in data processing.