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Model integration - Epilogue

Modelling an organism on multiple scales is not an easy task. It requires usually to create various models in order to capture different kind of features and to take into account specific aspects related to the considered scale.

Nevertheless, many multi-scale models can represent fairly well what is happening at various scales without really being connected together. Our team's endeavour is aiming at proposing an integration across various scales and modelling solutions.

In this we try to show that composite models, with each bit representing a single aspect of a problem, have to be designed having a bigger picture in mind. The general objective we pursued was to really be able to link all our models to the bench-work, to experimental data. Of course, achieving such a big project can not totally be done on the iGEM time scale because too many specific experiments would be required in order to calibrate properly all the pieces of our "big picture". But what is achievable, although much demanding, in the course of a summer is to come up with a very precise plan and all the models ready, and fitting together. Were future competitors willing to build upon this work and carry over the suggested experiments, they would end up with a very useful tool for science and for designing complex constructs in a multicellular organism.

The global modelling picture
The big picture

Details on integration

Details part one
Details part one