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iGEM Europe

Transnatural Festival

Call for Entries

For the most intriguing presentation that fits
within the conference program
Sponsored by Transnatural, Amsterdam

Transnatural offers the opportunity to an European iGEM team to present at the Transnatural Conference on 17-18 September in Science Centre NEMO (Amsterdam, NL). This will be an unique chance to give a first run of your iGEM presentation for an interesting mix of e.g., artists, designers, people from academia and industry. A perfect rehearsal just before the European Jamboree!

This year’s theme of conference is Autonomy and covers the following topics: 1. Autonomous creatures and systems. 2. The new Power: New ways energy/food harvesting. 3. Smart as Matter: New (intelligent) innovative materials & alternative, smart use of old materials.

The festival illustrates future scenarios, innovation and sustainability within a strong interdisciplinary program with line-up of the top class creators, thinkers and business. A mix of examples out of R&D labs from leading companies, art, design and research are exhibited in- and outdoors to a broad audience during one month. The focus of this festival is on emerging technologies that play by the rules of nature.

Do you want to win a spot on the stage of Transnatural, get a free trip to Amsterdam and a free entrance to a very inspiring festival?

Here is what you should do!
Submit to before 30th June:

  • contact information (names team members, email address, phone numbers, postal address)
  • an abstract of your iGEM project
  • motivate how your project fits in the theme of the conference
  • some photos of your work (so far)/team

Note: the traveling cost will cover the expenses for two team members.

The Transnatural organisers will review the submissions and the winning proposal will be announced in July.

If you want to visit the Transnatural Festival/Exhibition (7 September – 7 October), the Transnatural organization offers iGEM participants a special discount on all tickets!
More information about the festival can be found on the website of the Transnatural.