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<h2>Become our sponsor</h2>
<h2>Become our sponsor</h2>

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iGEM Europe

Become our sponsor

Sponsoring the Regional Jamboree gives your company the opportunity to be associated with renowned scientific institutions. Also your company will be positively referred to for giving young scientists an opportunity to broaden their scientific career at an international platform. We offer two classes of sponsorship for an excellent exposure of your company:

Sponsorship tiers and benefits

We offer two classes of sponsorship:

  • Silver-tier: €10.000–€25.000
  • Gold-tier: more than €25.000

Silver- and Gold-tier sponsorship offers the following benefits:

  • Your logo on:
    • Sponsor banners and posters during the event
    • In the European Jamboree program booklet and on the website
  • Public acknowledgement at plenary opening and closing ceremonies of the Jamboree
  • Recruitment opportunities of high potentials during a career workshop
  • One full registration to the European Jamboree

Gold-tier sponsorship offers the additional benefits:

  • Two additional registrations to the European Jamboree
  • Your organization profile in the printed and digital program book
  • The opportunity to add promotional material to the team boxes
  • A sponsor stand with a table during the Jamboree

Main Sponsor

The main sponsor will get the opportunity to present on stage during award ceremony, the most exciting moment of the Jamboree.