Week 13 on the right track


1. New term begins and we’re all busy. We rotate to ensure Lab 413 have Laboratory Technician all day.

2. Great progress: for the first time data shows distinctive distinction between scaffold-split GFP and only split GFP by synergy Hybrid reader. We find the fluorescence intense increases more than 100% thus the RNA scaffold does work pretty well.


1. Yan conducts theophylline effect tests on D0 and Riboscaffold coexpression with FAFB however finds strange results.

2. LIU Huachun transforms a series of plasmids for tomorrow’s fluorescence test (Remove background light)


1. Yu Jianing builds a Matlab model simulating enzyme and scaffold-enzyme's catalyzing.

2. LIU Xiao continues his mutation library.

3. Yan conducts a series of fluorescence test (Remove background light).


1. Our designed version 1 Riboscaffold’s scaffold effect is more than D0. But theophylline effect is not good. Confocal pictures looks well.

2. We make FB part.


We start to prepare primers, reagents (FeCl3, IAA, tryptophan) for pathway construction experiments.


1. A member from Xiamen university iGEM comes to us and we make presentation towards each other.

2. LIU Huachun and Zhang continue to prepare for Tryptophan IAA pathway experiments.

3. We conduct a series of experiment concerning Part K515100.

4. We open an important lab meeting and ZJU iGEM predecessors come to advice.


1. LIU Huachun makes FA+FB competent cell to ensure cotransformation’s hit rate.

2. Yan’s Miniprep: successful Part K738002: 113.3 ng/uL

3. PCR library part.