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Synthetic Biology Club


Synthetic Biology Club (SBC) is academic student societies based on International Genetics Engineering Machine (iGEM) Competition. SBC is aimed to promote synthetic biology and attract more students fond of synthetic biology in campus.


Last year was SBC’s first year, with the outstanding performance from ZJU-China 2011, SBC attract huge attention in campus. In order to make full use of SBC and provide more opportunities for ZJU students to have a basic understanding of iGEM as well as synthetic biology, we held several lectures for not only the club members but also students from different colleges. Then, we ran the process of on-line and at-site club recruiting together with the individual registration for ZJU Jamboree. Undergraduates and Graduates from different colleges express their will in participating, which is out of our expectation. We recruited for about 60 members this year, and all of them registered for ZJU Jamboree for the coming winter holiday. SBC also attract attention outside the campus, our SBC Renren Homepage (Facebook in China) has 178 followers throughout the country right now, and the number is keeping going up.


SBC provided firm support to iGEM ZJU-China, and gave birth to the brand-new iGEM ZJU-China 2012. Thanks for all the activities held by Synthetic Biology Club, iGEM and synthetic biology have attracted increasing attention in our campus.



[1] SBC Renren Homepage:
[2] iGEM ZJU-China Renren Homepage:
[3] Official Website of ZJU-China SBC: