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Making Antibiotics

Protocol 1: Ampicillin

1.Find the jar of Ampicillin powder in the -20 fridge - there are two - make sure you use the right one for this protocol

2.Weigh out 100mg Ampicillin - be as accurate as possible

3.Remove the plastic tray on which you weighed the Ampicillin and put a Falcon tube on the scales

4.Zero the scales

5.Add the powder to the Ampicillin - making sure it comes to the right amount.

6.Concentration is important

7.Remove the Falcon tube and add 500ul of autoclaved water, and 500ul of 100% Ethanol. 8.Put lid on and use syringe to pipette up and down

9.It should dissolve relatively easily

10.Then, using a syringe, suck up the Ampicillin solutution and fit a 200nm filter to the end of the syringe

11.Into another falcon, push the solution through the filter - do this SLOWLY as the filter is easily broken

12.Pipette 1 ml into a tube

13.Obviously if you are making up 5 eppendorfs - you need to do five time the amount described above