Notes of Human Practice

The Second Week of July

We discuss how to make our human practice this year. And everybody put forward some creative suggestions. At last, we make an outline for human practice.
fig 1

The Third Week of July

We spent a week to read the wiki of other iGEM teams 2011 in order to be more familiar with what other teams had done and we tried to learn from them to make our human practice more colorful.

The Fourth Week of July

We summarized the projects of other teams to accumulate knowledge to prepare for our biosafety handbook and regulation summary. What’s, we share thoughts with other team members who is responsible for other parts of our project and we perfected our plan.

The First Week of August

We built the web site on the four platforms to introduce iGEM and the knowledge and development of the synthetic biology to people. We hoped to bring the secret of life to more people and open a new window of the synthetic biology for them.

Human Practice of Tianjin University, 2012

The Second Week of August

In this week, we publish a lot of science articles and news about synthetic biology on the web site. We enrich these web sites in the following days.

The Third Week of August

We searched for a lot of related papers and discussed together to decide how to write our biosafety handbook and regulation summary. We also collect materials to make our synthetic MAP.

The Fourth Week of August

We finished the first draft of biosafety handbook and regulation summary. We put the MAP on web sites.

The Fifth Week of August

We further perfect the biosafety handbook and regulation summary. What's more, we visited several schools to talk about our plans of lectures with the teachers and students.

fig 15

fig 16

The First Week of September

In Nankai University

Our biosafety handbook and regulation summary were finished totally. Nankai middle school and Nankai university agreed to cooperate with us to hold lectures for their students. We decided the details with them and make preparations.

We made a series of questionnaires in order to analyze and evaluate genetic pollution towards the hazard of gene contamination, the influence on public attitude, the universality of environment problem, the publicity degree of the project and the completeness of the project respectively.

fig 17

The Second Week of September

We held lectures for students from Nankai middle school and Nankai university. The students also took part in our public welfare activity to sign for the prevention to genetic pollution. We made the origin models for our data received from questionnaire.

The Third Week of September

We finished the five models and collected all the data and materials about human practice this year and finish the wiki of human practice part.

The Fourth Week of September

We are assisting all the other people with the work of our project including powerpoint, wiki and videos.