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Prof. Chan Ting Fung


Dr. Ting-Fung Chan is an Assistant Professor in the School of Life Sciences, and the Deputy Director of the Centre for Microbial Genomics and Proteomics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is the Coordinator of the CUHK iGEM team. Research mainly focuses in genomics and bioinformatics of microbial pathogens and complex human phenotypes. He enjoys talking about science, but even more so for toys: Mindstorms NXT, RX-178, 5D Mk-II, LX200-ACF, YAS-875EX, and iGEM. Wishing his students would comprehend the fun and excitement of all aforementioned, but if that is not possible then at the very least, iGEM.


Prof. Kevin Yuk-Lap Yip


Dr. Kevin Yip is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He has been researching in the field of bioinformatics for 8 years, since he was a graduate student first in Hong Kong and later at Yale University. He is particularly interested in modeling and studying the interactions of biological objects in large-scale networks, such as protein-protein interaction, gene regulatory and metabolic networks. His major role in the CUHK iGEM team is to introduce the competition to engineering students, recruit interested and committed individuals, and help them enrich the engineering aspects of the project.



Prof. Chan King Ming


Dr. King Ming Chan is an Associate Professor of School of Life Sciences and Director of Environmental Science Program, Faculty of Science, Chinese University. His research focuses on Aquatic Toxicology and Molecular Endocrinology using fish models. Recent studies are mainly on transgenic fish over-expressing somatolactin hormone for functional study and use of biomarkers of exposures to study the risk of environmental contaminants including pesticides, trace organics, nanoparticles, and metal ions in waters. Dr. Chan also studies the regulation of eukaryotic gene expression and transcription, focusing on understanding how metal-regulatory-element-binding transcription factors (MTFs) control metallothionein genes and how Pit-1s control pituitary polypeptide hormone genes.


Prof. Pun To, Douglas YUNG


Dr. Douglas Yung is an Assistant Professor in the CUHK Biomedical Engineering Program. He has been intrigued by biosensing and electronic interfacing of living cells since graduate school. On the biosensing side, his research group is developing technologies for rapid viability assessment of superbugs using a combination of electrochemical, optical techniques and MEMS devices. His team is also developing methods to interface living microbes with electronics at a micro- and nano-scale. As for this year’s iGEM, he primarily provides support on the device and engineering side.




Full name: So Ka Yan
Programme of Study: Biomedical Engineering


Hi, here is Winnie. Yes! It is me again ( It is my pleasure to join iGEM CUHK and explore in synthetic biology again. This year I have been a student instructor to help leading the new iGEM team. It is more exciting that more Engineering students join the iGEM team this time. I wish that the cooperation between life science and engineering will keep going on in the future. By the way, the last year iGEM project: Chloricolight is still under progress in another lab. iGEM really gives me a special experience in my university life. See my profile picture to know how I promote iGEM in Tibet!




Full name: Leung King Pong, Stephen
Programme of Study: Life Science PG1


Hi! I'm Stephen, currently a graduate student focusing on plant cell biology research. Apart from having a taste of synthetic biology, which constantly surprises me with fascinating ideas, I'm honoured in guiding a team of enthusiastic students with great perseverance. I hope the team can enjoy themselves and I'm looking forward to seeing other new ideas in the coming competition!




Full name: Jacky, Fong Chuen, Loo
Programme of Study: Life Science PG2


Jacky is currently a second-year Mphil-PhD student at CUHK. He enjoys his research on biosensor invention for anti-cancer study. Besides research, he likes dreaming, traveling, jogging and making desserts.




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