Team:British Columbia/Team:Wiki Editing Guide


British Columbia -

Here's a good cheatsheet.


Namespace Rules

The 2012 iGEM wiki is shared by all the teams. The way they manage this chaos is by assigning every team a namespace. Accordingly, the rules say we should start all of our pages with Team:British_Columbia. So do it! Again:

  • Name your pages "Team:British_Columbia/yourpagename"


The group of links at the top of the page is a template. Templates are blocks of wiki that you can easily embed in other pages. You include a template in a page by entering the template name enclosed in curly brackets. For example, the header we put at the top of every page is embedded by entering:

You can edit the a template by going to its wiki page and clicking the edit link at the top. Here's a link to the navigation header template: Template:Team:British_Columbia_Header. If a page contains templates, you'll see them mentioned at the bottom of the edit page.

Page Headings

You can give your page heirarhcical headings by enclosing the headings in == The page's title is the primary heading

Secondary Headings

are generated by ==Secondary Headings==.

Tertiary Headings

are generated by ===Tertiary Headings===, and so on.