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Meet the WLC 2012 iGEM Team

Nick Goldner

Enjoys: slack lining, jumping for joy, the sweet sweet relief of completing a project that consumed his summer and prevented him from family vacations and, long walks amongst the corridors of the WLC science hall banging his head against the wall trying to solve life's quandries.

Rachel Nolte

Enjoys: long hours in the lab slaving over a hot Bunsen burner, cooking stir fry... over a hot Bunsen burner, and pointing out every dog that comes within a 100 foot radius.

Steve Van-Alstine

Enjoys: being a pirate, wearing an eye patch, running really really far and, Madonna.

Logan Friedrich

Enjoys: His nickname of "The Doppler Effect." (Really, he loves it)

Vince Jacobson

Enjoys: Continuing the fight against INJUSTICE!

Michelle Hasse

Enjoys: leaning against trees, enjoying nature, wearing white, and having curly hair.