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The metabolic versatility of purple non-sulfur photosynthetic bacteria allows them to grow in light, darkness and with or without oxygen; all it is due to their genetic regulation mechanisms. Taking advantage of this, our project aims to build two genetic control systems based on R. sphaeroides photosynthesis cluster regulation.

The first one is a light dependent system controlled by two proteins AppA/PpsR that works like an antirepresor/repressor mechanism, and the second one is an oxygen dependent system of two-component called PrrA/PrrB. This two devices were tested on R. palustris chassis, using a cassete in which a reporter (GFP) is regulated by external conditions that activate or repress its expresion.

Once we have characterized the functionality of these networks, our per;spective is to develop a Rhodofactory, it means to control the produccion of differents metabolites, such as biodiesel and butanol, using simple signals.