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Our Project Abstract1

A program to help new IGEM teams with assembly standards selection, and site-directed mutagenesis for primers development in case of incompatibility, is this year UTP-Software team project. S2MT as we called it, applies “QuikChange Site-Directed Mutagenesis” [1] considerations for the design of mutagenic primers and gives users the resources to avoid restriction sites, making their designs compatible with assembly standards.

Our team is also interested in the development of a tool to help teams and researchers to work and study the production of bioenergy through synthetic biology. This will be done by analyzing metabolic routes from the substrates for the reactions, and then identify the responsible genes for each enzymatic reactions that could produce these biofuels.

1. Updated Abstract

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Technological University of Panama

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[1]. Wang, W.; Malcolm, B. A. 1999. Biotechniques. 26:680-682.