• week4

  server:Three Servers were brought and our database could be used online.Server group also updated our project so that user could choose to use the server in China mainland, Hong Kong or U.S.A.

  Search,bookmark,download functions: These functions were built and bugs were fixed. In search part, user could choose the type and type the keyword and search for the result. Bookmark(Now called favourite)and more part had placed in toolbar.

  Art designing:This group test a huge amount of styles, including heavy taste route,child-free style,trend style,"small endowment"....At last we found that concise style may make our project more academic...Thanks so much for their hard work.

  iPad app:Trying for a long time, they still could not kill all the bugs in the app, so we decided to do it later.

  wiki:Several Templates were built and tried. Here are the templates

template1(Thanks Boston's original code)

template2designed by Mubing Zhou

template3modified by Yidan Pan from

Now we use this:template4modified by Deng Luo(one of our lower class man)

  Human Practice:Teammates read all the wikis of the team which got the human practice price and shared with all of us.

Blueprint of our second project:Teammates studied many projects:2008 UC Berkeley Tools,2010 USTC iGAME, 2008 Newcastle Programing design biosensor,2010 UIUC BIOMORTAR, 2010 USTC Lachesis.....And Tinkercell. They showed the usage and program description to us and we chose to modify Tinkercell.

  • week5

  VACATION!!~~~~For our activities , please click here